Built to Last

Q. What is the Stand Up Strong Christmas tree stand made out of? 
A. Our tree stands are manufactured from high-grade steel and are coated in a glossy white or red finish.

Q. How big can my tree be?
A. We have three sizes of Stand Up Strong tree stands. Strong steel construction lets our XXL stand hold trees up to 20 feet tall with trunks up to 9 inches in diameter. Our EXTRA-large stand hold trees up to 12 feet tall with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter, safely and securely. This stand has a generous 5 quart water capacity. Our large stand will hold trees up to 10 feet tall and 5″ in diameter. This sturdy stand has a water capacity of 3 quarts. Our tree stands are not only for extra-large trees, but will also hold smaller trees just as securely.

Q. How much does the Stand Up Strong Tree Stand Weigh and how hard is it to assemble?
A. Our EXTRA-large stand weighs 31 pounds and comes partially assembled. It’s easy to assemble– you simply put the legs of the stand into their appropriate openings in the base securing them with the screws provided, place your tree in the stand and clamp 4 bolts to the tree trunk to hold it securely in place. 

Q. How do I water my tree when it’s in the Stand Up Strong Stand?
A. Our stands have a strong, waterproof steel base and bowl that will hold a large amount of water to keep your tree fresh and green throughout the holiday season.

Q. I have hardwood flooring and am worried that it will be damaged by a tree stand.
A. Stand Up Strong tree stands have a floor protecting leveler on the bottom side of each leg.

Q. What if my tree is crooked? Real trees are never uniform in shape.
A. Stand up Strong stands have levelers on each leg that may be adjusted to raise or lower a particular side of your real tree if its shape is less than perfect.