Stand Up Strong Christmas Tree Stands

Built to Last

Stand Up Strong tree stands were designed to be user friendly, taking the frustrations out of putting up your family’s Christmas tree.

Many Christmas holiday memories center around the family tree, as treasured ornaments dangle from its branches and lights glow and twinkle in the evergreen.  All the joy this can bring come crashing to the floor when your tree is not securely fastened in a strong and sturdy stand that cannot support the weight of your tree.

Our very first stand was designed and created by my father after a purchase of a much too large tree for our pitiful green and red stand.  The excitement of the awesome tree was quickly gone as the realization set in that we did not have the right stand to support our tree.   We ended up selling the tree and bought a 6 ft tree, last one on the lot. My father then began the process of constructing a superior stand that could hold trees up to 25 feet tall, without so much as a inkling that it would tumble to the floor. We needed two strong men to move it, but it definitely worked. 

After many design hours, our final product, the Stand Up Strong Christmas Tree Stand was created, a much lighter, more user friendly hybrid of the original stand of my father’s.  We guarantee this is the absolute best stand you can find on the market. It has a strong, waterproof steel base and bowl. The legs that extend out to give you additional support. On the bottom side of each leg is a floor protecting caster that can also be adjusted to raise or lower that side of the tree if it happens to be just a bit tilted. There are four long bolts that literally clamp on to the tree trunk to hold it securely in place. It is truly the last Christmas tree stand you will ever have to purchase. 

Our heavy-duty stands are sturdy and topple-proof. Strong steel construction lets our EXTRA- large stand hold trees up to 12 feet tall, with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter, safely and securely with a 5 quart water capacity. Our large stand will hold trees 10 feet tall and 5 inches in diameter with a 3 quart water capacity. Our new XXL stand will hold trees 13′ – 20′ tall with trucks up to 9 inches in diameter. Take the frustration out of putting up your holiday tree!

Strong steel construction lets our extra-large stand hold trees up to 12 feet tall, with trunks up to 7 inches in diameter, safely and securely. This stand has a generous 5 quart water capacity, measures 36″ across and weighs 31 pounds.
The large stand is ideal for trees up to 10 feet tall and a trunk of 5″ inches in diameter. This stand has a water capacity of 3 quarts, weighs in at 26 pounds and is 31″ across. Our large stand makes a great gift.

XXL Stand are Now Available for $249.00